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How to Invest

STEP 1. Determining a preferable payment method to work with TeslaIncome.com
The project uses only digital currency. The reason for it is high bank or transfer fees, transaction limits or residual balance on certain types of payment methods. As its main money transfer services, the project has chosen PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.
If you have never used any of these electronic payment systems before, you should create an account for any of them. It is free of charge and does not take much time.

PerfectMoney (PM). To open PerfectMoney account, please follow this link: https://perfectmoney.is/signup.html
PerfectMoney is the most secure and user-friendly payment method online, as well as the most popular investment tool. Depending on whether your account have passed verification or not, the commission fee for money transfer (when making a deposit) will be from 0.5% (verified account) to 1.99% (non-verified account). Therefore, when making a deposit please consider the amount of the commission fee that has to be on your account. You can learn more about verification in your account settings on PerfectMoney website.
After registration on a payment processor’s website, you will see three wallets on your account. Our project uses US dollars. So for investing you should use your USD wallet that has the following format: Uxxxxxxx and Uxxxxxxxx (the letter U and 7 or 8 digits of your wallet, for example, U1234567, U12345678). When registering in the project or in your account settings please indicate this account.

Payeer. This payment system is a helpful multi-currency aggregator. It means you can exchange different types of digital currency using the internal currency exchange service, without logging off the website. Besides, this payment processor makes it possible to directly replenish debit/credit cards and bank transfers.
To make a Payeer account, you need to follow this link: https://payeer.com/ and click SIGN UP. (https://payeer.com/en/account/?register=yes) After registration, your Payeer account will receive a login which will also be an identifier for your payment method: Pxxxxxxxx (the letter P and 8 digits). You can use this login when registering in the project. Also, you can add/change your Payeer wallet in your account settings in the project.

Unlike other payment methods, Payeer charges transfer fee not from the sender but from the receiver ­– it is 0.95%. It means that when you make a deposit and send money to the project, it will lack the amount of this commission. Also, when receiving a profit, your Payeer account will receive 0.95% less than it was in the withdrawal request.

Payeer.com stands out among other payment systems by its possibility to replenish an account directly with INTERNATIONAL VISA/MC/MAESTRO. However, for fraud protection purposes, right after the payment (in case it is a first operation on the card) Payeer will demand to upload a copy of the payer’s photo identity document (a picture of the payer holding his or her passport and a bank card in hand). If you refuse to complete identification after the operation has been performed on your card, the money will be automatically returned during 0-30 days minus bank charges “for the successful operation” in the amount of 5%+5 USD.

Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming increasingly popular with investment companies as the most transparent tool. To find out more about the working methods of the crypto-currency, we recommend you to visit the website: https://bitcoin.org/en/getting-started To make your Bitcoin account, use the following link: https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/signup . When making a deposit, remember about BTC transaction fees. A transaction fee is influenced by the transaction size. So take it into account when forwarding money to the project.

Bitcon address (wallet) can be received free of charge by any Bitcoin user and has the following format: 19iVyH1qUxgywY8LJSbpV4VavjZmyuEyxV. It is an identifier that contains around 33 alpha-numeric characters in length, beginning with the digit 1 in the updated version of the Bitcoin protocol. Using this identifier you can start working with Bitcoin.

STEP 2. Funding your payment account
In order to begin your work with TeslaIncome.com and make your first deposit, you should have enough funds on your payment account. You can use any online foreign exchange service to have the currency the project accepts as investment. The list of official PerfectMoney foreign exchangers is here: https://perfectmoney.is/business-partners.html .Unfortunately, none of the automatic exchangers have been offering the combination of VISA/MC/MAESTRO but you can buy PerfectMoney by bank transfers (Wire transfer, Western Union, and Money Gram).

Payeer has its own electronic currency exchange service: https://payeer.com/en/exchange/ You can also replenish your Payeer account by clicking ADD after logging in. You can pick a replenishment method and get complete information on the cost of the replenishment you choose.
To replenish your Bitcoin wallet, use the most convenient international search for exchangers: https://howtobuybitcoins.info/ page.

STEP 3. Making a TeslaIncome.com account
To make a new account just click at SIGN UP in the site menu or follow the direct link: https://teslaincome.com/?a=signup . If you use a referral link, after you are forwarded you get to the home page of the site. After you press registration, you will be registered as a referral owner.
Warning! The registration form should be filled out in English! Or by letters of the Latin alphabet. Otherwise registration will fail.
Please carefully fill in the registration form. Specify your personal information, address, city, phone number, and country of residence. Then pick a unique login (you will use this name in future to enter your account), twice enter the password and your e-mail address. Make up a secret question and answer for it (keep these data, you will need them to regain access to your account in case of access problems).
In Payment Methods specify details of the processor you intend to use to make a deposit and get payoff. We remind you the parameters of e-wallets:

- U1234567 or U1234567 if you use PerfectMoney. Remember that it is not your ID on the payment system’s website but your USD wallet (you can find it if you log into your PM account).
- P12345678 if you use Payeer. Chances are that you use this wallet as a login into your Payeer.com account
- 19iVyH1qUxgywY8LJSbpV4VavjZmyuEyxV if you use Bitcoin.

After you filled in the form, make sure that you are familiar with the rules and agree to follow them and click REGISTER . Now you can start investing and earning together with TeslaIncome.com (Important: If you do not receive the confirmation message within a few minutes of signing up, please check your Junk E-mail folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, select the confirmation message and click Not Junk, which will allow future messages to get through.)

STEP 4. Choosing an investment plan and using profit calculator
For more details about the investment proposal of our Investment Company, LOGIN and go to Make Deposit section or follow the direct link: https://teslaincome.com/?a=deposit
Our Investment Company offers several types of investment plans. Each expects profit to be accrued according to the conditions and depends directly on your deposit size. You can see the profit calculation, accrual schedule and payment plan in the description section separately for each plan. Uneder each investment plan is a useful calculator, that will help you to calculate the exact amount you will recive after the completion of the investment period. Remember that, according to the conditions, your primary deposit (initial investment) will be returned after the investment plan end.

The calculator is easy to use; you can figure it out intuitively and do not need any additional skills or knowledge. You only need to choose an investment plan, where you want to place a deposit, set up the amount of daily interest and specify the exact amount of your deposit.

The calculator will instantly show your general return you receive after the completion of the investment in the company’s project. You will see the result in terms of money ($) and percent (%).

STEP 5. Making a deposit in TeslaIncome.com
To make a deposit, login your account using your unique username and password.
Go to Make Deposit or use the direct link https://teslaincome.com/?a=deposit
Choose the investment plan that corresponds to your expected income to the greatest extend (Select a plan -mark a plan).
Under in page in the Amount to Spend ($) box write the amount you will invest.
Specify the payment system you are going to use to transfer funds.
Click SPEND to confirm transaction
Click PROCESS go to the payment system’s website and complete the payment.
Usually money is added instantly. Occasionally, due to the maintenance works on the websites of the payment systems such as PerfectMoney and Payeer, it may take up to 60 minutes for your transaction to be displayed on your account. If you used Bitcoin as a payment method, the transaction takes more time (sometimes up to 3 hours), it will happen after 6 confirmations. You can keep an eye on the state of your payment with the help of https://blockchain.info/ (use a search form). After your funds are credited to your account, you will get a notification email. Also, you will be able to see your deposit in Deposit List or in Your Account (in the Active Deposit line of an Account Overview).

STEP 6. Controlling the deposit
After your deposit is made, you can follow it and control it in Your Deposits section https://teslaincome.com/?a=deposit_list .It contains information about your deposit size, your investment plan, creation date, and expiration date.

STEP 7. Receiving profit
Right after your interest is calculated, you can make a request to withdraw money to your payment system. Remember that you can withdraw profit only in the e-currency you used when making a deposit. It also concerns the referral bonuses accrual: if your referral, for example, made a deposit using PerfectMoney, you can withdraw your commission fee only in PerfectMoney.

When your balance is more than 0,1$, you can make a request to pay off this money. For it, Login and go to Withdraw section https://teslaincome.com/?a=withdraw , enter the amount to be paid off and add a commentary (if need be). After being transferred to the next page, check the data (payoff amount and the correctness of payment details) and Confirm the withdrawal of money. After the withdrawal request is made, the money will be automatically and instantly sent. If withdrawal is done through Bitcoin, it can take from several minutes up to several hours.

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